DAY 9 - TUESDAY 14th August

Last night Ross made himself even more popular, by telling us that we all need to be at the range even earlier than usual, so that we could get our squadding for the Palma Individual Match today…

So it was, as dawn had just broken, with steady rain falling and thunder rumbling over the lake, that we arrived at the range to collect said squadding. Several US competitors  took one look at the conditions and promptly dropped out, but we were assured by ‘those in the know’ that the rain would clear away before the first shot…. As indeed, it did, leaving behind some gloriously calm conditions for the 800x start of the Palma Individual.

With only one further light dusting of the wet stuff, we escaped the day mostly dry (aside from sitting on damp things), but as everything started to dry out, with clouds continuing to circle, the wind moved more northerly so that some 900 and 1000x relays experienced some rather challenging wind direction changes. David Luckman ended up the best of Team GB, in third place overall on 449.31 (the same as 1st and 2nd), Chris in 7th with a 448.29 and DC, Danny and Jacqui not far off the pace on 447.

The day on the range concluded in glorious sunshine,with the team then dispersing to feed themselves quickly, while the officers retired to muse over the tricky team selection for the America Match. Thence, back to Perry for the America Match team announcement and the US NRA’s awards ceremony for the long range matches...

Prizegiving was held in the the camp's cinema style auditorium, complete with artistic representations of some frontiersmen supressing the natives, and of British warships being sent asunder by Commodore Perry in the 1812 war. Ironic, then, that some of the Brits figured so prominently in proceedings:

Chris – winner of the Andrus Trophy

Holly - junior high gun in the "Doc" Aiken

David Luckman – a fantastic haul: the "Doc" Aiken Trophy, the Sierra Trophy Aggregate, the Canadian Cup Aggregate and to crown it all the National High Power Rifle Long Range Championship. All in, David seems to have won well over $3000 in prizes and a Remington rifle! That should prove an interesting logistics issue should it wend its way back to the UK…


Tomorrow, the America Match, with a pre-dawn assembly on the range; Earlier and earlier the team seems to have to awaken... Nevertheless, “Go, Go Team GB!”

Quote of the day: Lady team member admonishes the captain as they board the first shooter shuttle of the day: "Jeremy, I can't believe you've made my pants wet…".


Yesterday's answer: Ed Jeens raced monoski for his university.

Q5. Which team member used to track brown bears in North Carolina?