DAY 8 - MONDAY 13th August

A beautiful sky of patchy pink and blue cloud welcomed us to another glorious day on tour. Sunday's format of an individual shoot followed by a team match was to be repeated and it looked like the weather was going to be about the same. The Doc Aiken match was the morning's shoot (not Doc Brown - 'Great Scott!') and JJ had challenged us all to beat his long standing record of 199 with 8. The conditions were in our favour and his record was thoroughly beaten - sixteen times over! 'Lucky' once again made the top score - 200.13 - on his relay (we are all proud of our high scorers despite shoot-offs robbing us of vital hot tub time) and sealed the deal with a tidy 100.6 at the end of the day (cue photo on the mound with JJ and a really tight group).

During 'lunch' Jacqui and Chris went for a photo shoot for the NRA's magazine. It seems the rather crude innuendo-riddled banter they shared wasn't really understood by the official photographer, but it produced the right smiles for the camera so all was good.

In the afternoon, just ahead of the team match, Jumbo's queenly figure could no longer be contained by his jacket. Unable to repair his zip in short order, he chose to shoot with an open jacket, nevertheless managing (to his great credit) to score 198. Who needs a jacket anyway! Webbie, the team's "+1", cancelled his napping plans and kindly stood in to cover Jumbo's register keeping duty while he went to have the zip repaired - remarkably managing to find the 'wrong' canvas repair shop with an almost identical address to the one to which he had been despatched.

Those wishing  to experience the 'tour feel' vicariously, try the following. The team has created the 'team wave' in honour of the state in which we find ourselves. Hold thumb and forefinger together to form an 'O', then wave the remaining fingers, saying "Oh-HI-oh! Clearly we have too much idle range time, which we will spend scouring facebook for photos of you performing the team wave. Team plans for the evening range from Macdonald's to Jolly Roger (a nearby eatery, allegedly run by pirates) and Phil's Inn, but nothing further than a 200 yard walk - everyone is tired and needs to be in bed early, not least because we all need to be at the range before 7am for an even earlier game of "hurry up and wait".


Yesterday's answer: James Lewis once arrested the Deputy First Minister for Northern Ireland.

Q4: Which team member raced monoski for his/her university?