DAY 3 - WEDNESDAY 8th August

Wednesday afforded us the opportunity to relax. Most did some shopping, Wal-Mart style (did you know you could buy electronic ear defenders for $9, or that you could pick up live ammo and drop it into youor shopping trolley?), then chilled out by the pool and beach or played water 'volleyball'. The lake water was impressively warm. The Captain and Adj went to suss out Camp Perry and try to clear some admin, ready for us to start shooting on Friday. However, before we're even going to be allowed to shoot, we all have to sign declarations that we aren’t intending to try to violently overthrow the US government (or indeed to violently split infinitives)... Not something we'd thought of so far!

The youngest member of our team, Matt Purdy, turns '21' today, so he is now 'legally' entitled to drink alcohol in the USA... Congratulations Matt! The team celebrated the occasion with bubbly & cake at the poolside, before a night out at the infamous Put-In-Bay on Middles Bass Island in Lake Erie. The Vice's booking call to Linda'sDependable Taxis was a masterclass in Anglo-American relations: "I'd like some cabs, for 19 people, for the ferry to the Island of Debauchery please."

Reminiscent of Fantasy Island (or indeed Bisley), the island appeared populated by golf buggies of all shapes and sizes, including some strech limo buggies that would put the Bisley offerings - even Roycie - to shame. On the way the birthday boy was introduced to the dice shot-glass, which he eventually survived. He (and we) didn't, however, get into the Beer Barrel (home of the world's longest bar - later inspection found over 100 stools at the same stretch of bar and space for at least 150) because the (c. 14 year old) bouncer wouldn't accept non-US driving licences as ID. "But look at me - I'm 41!"

We did, however, get into Rita's, and the Boardwalk, and Mojito Bay, and the Roundhouse, and managed international game of Jenga and Buckeye Bean-Bags before returning on the 11pm ferry, which we tried to to convert into a mini-Dewdrop singsong.

Quote of the day:

Team member to three young girls... “What's your name?” “I’m Ali.” “That's a boy’s name. What’s yours?” “Kay.” “That's a boy’s name. You?” “Jill.” “That's a female ferret...”

I (different writer) wonder if it was the same team member who said to one of our own women later that evening, "I don't think you're fat - you're burly!"