DAY 2 - TUESDAY 7th August

The team gathered at 8am for a light breakfast. We all seemed remarkably perky but then again it was lunchtime in the UK. It transpired that Chris had bought his roommate Stu a nightcap of Amarula (clearly what Surrey barmen have instead of cocoa) but Stu was tired from his travels and had fallen asleep on his bed, glass in hand. How sweet he must have looked until he awoke with a start, flinging his beverage all over himself! Still, not as bad as poor Andy who was defecated on by a goose...

The Adjutant's team brief was short and to the point - this seemed to be less about the simplicity of the day's instructions and more about his and others' eagerness to catch the end of the men's Olympic triathlon (well done GB's Brownlees!). The buses were soon packed and DC configured the attack vectors into his on-board sat nav. At 9am (bang on time) it was chocks away and GBRT were heading to the border in glorious sunshine. The different sat navs took four vans in one direction and one in another but they all found each other again on the motorway. Sadly all of the sat navs took us to Niagara rather than a nearby bridge that had barely any immigration queue (indeed some border police officer were summoned from there to Niagara to help deal with the throng of which we were part. Immigration into the USA was soul destroying. The small, cramped waiting room resembled Friday night in A&E, only without the injured or the drunks, and the worst moment of the tour so far is, unanimously, the moment each person stepped out of the lift and saw the waiting room. It took all our strength to resist making inappropriate jokes within earshot of the officers. When told that we would be having our picture taken, we did wonder if we'd be stripped down and posed 'Guantanamo-style'. Assume stress positions please,there may be a short delay. The time was passed with sighs, watch checking and a game using a Jaegermeister lanyard and Stu's pecs (beats me!) but eventually we escaped the glacially paced bureaucracy and hit the road. Not before Stu Young photo-bombed Lucky's photo though, resulting in the customs officer requesting a retake and her laughing at his terrible facial expression.

Several vans passed on the option for a long stop at the falls, partly because they had seen it nicely, albeit briefly, from the road bridge and partly because all were hungry and had received Ross's scathing report of the options at the 'International Food Court'. The last 4 hours of driving to Port Clinton were passed by eating lunch, playing eye-spy and, stuck in a traffic jam around Cleveland and, close to arrival, noting how many signs in Port Clinton said "welcome shooters". Paradise! The accommodation at Port Clinton was a set of lake- (and beach-) side apartments and, after a bit of fiddling about, we were all settled around the pool to soak up some end of day rays and watch a charming setting sun. For dinner, the whole team crossed the road to the local Thai, which was surprisingly superb and with huge portions. Love to Tour!