As the Sun would phrase it “Phew! What a scorcher!”…

This morning was a slightly later start for the team, with the last individual shoot of the Grand, the Gatineau at 900m shoot, which is squadded separately based on one's current position in the Grand. The top 50 or 60 all shoot in the same relay, which included all but two of Team GB. It was warming up nicely even at 09:00, when the first GB shooters not so much trotted as slogged out to the hot and humid range. Although top honours in the competition eventually went to Pat Vamplew of Canada with 75.11, Matt Purdy emerged in 3rd place with an impressive 75.9, heading a string of equal scores from Team GB - well done Matt!

Lucky, initially disbelieving of Matt C's advice between relays that he'd been using 5 right even when the flags were hanging down the poles(!) kept his cool well and slotted a 75.8 to take the Grand by a point and 7 vees from Kent Reeve of the USA (his target partner, who had also scored 75), with Parag, Chris, Danny, Jon and DC chasing in the 3rd to 7th places. Also impressive was Matt “I’m a coach - I can’t shoot” Ensor, who finished in 15th place overall despite it not really having been a "coaches' meeting" - well done Matty! Kelvin remains a jammy Tab.

And so to the afternoon's Commonwealth Match:

Canada, USA, Australia and GB were to due compete in the match, but Australia were unable to field a full team of 12 so the captains agreed that nominated teams of 8 from the 12 would be used in a concurrent, "for honours" match with Australia, while the three full strength teams would contest the Commonwealth Match proper.

With temperatures soaring (reaching 31 in the shade) and the sun beating down, it was going to be a tough afternoon, whatever the wind chose to throw at us. A hitherto uncommon right-handed breeze greeted us, giving rise to a few tricky patches, some of which were waited out with GB shooters nicely bubbling just under the boil on the shadeless firing points. But the waiting strategy worked pretty well - although there was a brief scare when Parag’s first sighter was used out of turn to check the wind conditions after a long wait, and came up as a magpie at the top of the target that we quickly realised wasn't his as he had come down with a forgotten 5 mins of right wind that he’d dialled in for the coach’s convienience!

Commonwealth Match Team:

Captain / Main Coach: Jeremy Langley

Adjutant: Andy Daw

Left Target:

Coach: Matt Charlton

Shooters: David Luckman* (100.10), John Pugsley (100.10), Ed Jeens (98.13), David Calvert (100.13)*; Reserve: Matt Purdy

Centre Target:

Coach: Jon Underwood

Shooters: Danny Coleman* (99.10), Stu Young (99.11), Jumbo Lewis (97.8), Ross McQuillan* (99.9); Reserve: Holly McCullough

Left Target:

Coach: Matt Ensor

Shooters: ChrisWatson* (99.14), Kelvin Ramsey* (98.13), Jacqui Rankin*(97.10), Parag Patel*(100.13); Reserve: James Watson

* = Nominated VIII vs. Australia



Commonwealth Match (teams of XII):

1 Great Britain 1186.134

2 Canada 1177.113

3 USA 1154.96


Nominated VIIIs:

1 Great Britain 792.92

2 Canada 786.79

3 USA 774.46

4 Australia 772.46

Very many thanks to Webbie and the Chris FitzHockley, who graciously resisted the lure of shade, air-conditioning and ice cold G&Ts and sweated it out there with us, keeping the registers and scoreboard. And well done to Holly and Matt for their 99 and 98 for the GB Under 25s; they will be joined by Stu for the short range equivalent tomorrow.

The rather overheated and stinky but victorious team retired to the hotel to relax, refuel, recharge and recover, ready for an early start tomorrow for the Canada Match and the Governor General’s Prize. For some (not those shooting the Canada Match!), a little experimental variation was tried in the sauna (madness after the weather out there today!) – a vodka sauna! Inhalation of those heady fumes seemed to hit the spot pretty well, and pretty quickly, before different groups went variously to Lapointe fish restaurant, the grand Macdonald Stewart dinner at the Chateau Laurier and to the barbecue in the hotel's back garden for some more fabulous steak. Roll on the big match tomorrow morning, the final in the afternoon and what promises to be an eventful prizegiving for GB team members - let's hope we can add a couple more wins to the tally tomorrow.


Yesterday's answer: James Lewis and Andy Daw were the young cousins in the photo.

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