DAY 17 - WEDNESDAY 22nd August

Another warm and still start to the day, facilitating some impressive scores and vee counts to be put in at the start of the President's (akin to Queen's II, with the Letson being Queen's I, except that all competitors shoot the President's and the sum of the two matches constitutes the qualifier for the Governor General's Final).

Midday saw many of the team wilting and semi-comatose in the team room, as the heat built up. The team room air was somewhat heavy, and admittedly pretty rank, so several sought shade and solace in a book outside - in some cases a "50 Shades" book, which series seems quite popular - and not just amongst the ladies! The sound of laughter and retching noises by readers can be a little off-putting.

Talking of ladies, the very fast changing winds of the afternoon (9 to 2 left, allegedly - I saw 7 to 2 in the space of a minute or two - Ed.) saw the female members of Team GB manage possibles in the Gibson 800m - very well done to Jacqui, Holly, and, errr, Parag...

Webby announced after a 48 that his eye (now adorned by a new contact lens) was still giving him trouble. He needed something to soothe it and it was suggested to him that teabagging might be a good idea. I fear someone may have misunderstood the term as dabbing it with a teabag.

At the end of the day, almost all of Team GB learned they were through to the Governor General's Final (akin to Queen's III) - a great effort from 85% of the team, who will occcupy over a third of the slots in the final. Leading the way was Lucky with a massively impressive 255.42 (ex 255.51). However, one of the most surprising results of the day was that two of the coaches, Jeremy and Matt E (with his first ever 150!) were in the top 3 of the President's - looking good for the team matches (the other coach likes to let his team-mates' shooting do the talking and to make them look good! - Ed.)

In the evening GB hosted a reception in the tent behind the DCRA, ostensibly along with the Americans and Australians - the latter brought some cheese, wine and vegemite sandwiches to go with our Pimm's. Pretty much par-boiled from the day, the team retired to the hotel pre-reception to spruce up, via Vera's. Some of the team were Vera virgins, and the delights of a burger made and cooked to order from choicest steak, and cooked to perfection, were positively orgasmic - surely the only explanation for the squeals of delight emanating from the shop (and from Jacqui).

After Vera's, a quick shower, into number 1's and back to the range, for the Outlander Match team to be announced and the finishing touches to be put to the Pimm's for the reception.

Insult of the day: Danny to Jacqui: “Yah, you're intrinsically very just need to lose about a stone.” Amazingly, Danny is still alive and walking...


Yesterday's answer: Chris Watson was the BMX racer at the home of F1.

Q12: Who is the chopper pilot in the photo?