DAY 13 - SATURDAY 18th August

A day of glorious weather: a quite warm and very sunny day, but not too hot (we only managed 26 degrees , and we hear it’s more like 30 back in ol’ Blighty), perhaps due to the ever present, but wickedly fickle wind, which it seems caught several of the team out today in the pre-Grand warm-up individual matches. There were again several unprintable comments from various team members,as they sought to understand how "that" shot had ended up in the magpie (or even worse!). Even yesterday’s all conquering DC succumbed to a few windy ones. Matt C, despite a broken shooting jacket, finds himself well up in the team pack, which can be taken as an indication of how tricky it's been.

During an extended pause in the day's program, just after lunch, several of the team headed back to the hotel, to sit out/swim out the warmer part of the day. The on-camp team room was littered with a few remaining team members snoozing, reading, and even movie-watching, thanks to the wonders of Apple.

Despite the struggle that many folk had with Connaught’s winds, Team GB members were again victorious in both the Gooderham (2+15 @ 900m & 2+10 @ 500x) - Parag taking top honours,with just one point off on 124.12 – and Chris Watson (again!) took the Army and NavyVeterans (2+15 @900m), also with just the one point lost for a 74.8.

Our ammo-meister, JJ Jackson, had also travelled to Connaught from the matches at Camp Perry, as he was intending to shoot, but as he had been having back problems, he was going to sit out for a few days first. Sadly, he has announced that he has to leave immediately, as he has received news of his mother being unwell. All of Team GB thank him wholeheartedlyly for his great company, professionalism and his fabulous ammo, and we wish him and his Mom in Tennessee all the very best.

In the evening the DCRA hosted a meet-and-greet with an evening meal, affording us the opportunity to meet up with some old Canadian, Australian and American friends, some of the visiting Brits and this year's Athelings. The meal was very tasty, but for some was served up on some very hot plates, prompting jovial speculation that perhaps it was a deliberate attempt to render some trigger fingers a little sore prior to the start of the Grand Aggregate tomorrow...


Yesterday's answer: David Luckman played Utimate Frisbee for Delft.

Q9: Which team member crashed on his/her first driving test?

(NB having been van-mates with this individual, this no longer comes as a surprise! Ed.)