DAY 11 - THURSDAY 16th August

Yesterday's diary was submitted just after the America Match, and before the US NRA's prizegiving for the America Match, which took a good two hours from the conclusion of the match, whose result we all knew. Protest periods etc. (even if nobody wished to protest)... Meanwhile, the storm that had been threatening all day finally unleashed and everyone from the assembled teams huddled on a verandah. A wonderful extended opportunity to meet all our fellow shooters (other than those who could wait no longer and had driven home).

All thoughts of a dip in the pool or hot-tub had to be abandoned, as Team GB rushed to get to the local winery/restaurant (Mon Ami), to toast our US successes as well as our American friends JJ (ammo guru) and Emil Praslick (US coach and GB liaison). After the meal, while some of the team retired, some others and a couple of locals descended on a Port Clinton bar to acquaint themselves, at last, with what passed for nightlife there.

Hence, it was no real surprise that the adjutant had to give us a stern word about some of our time keeping this morning, as we packed the vans a wee bit behind schedule and cleared the condos that had been our home from home for the last 8 days, before setting off north, past CampPerry and on towards Detroit, Port Huron and the Canadian border.

The plan was to meet at an eatery just before the border. 4 of the 5 vans made it in about 2 hours; however, 1 got sat-snagged and inadvertently crossed into Canada via another route (without paperwork for the firearms!) and had to sweet-talk their way back into the US in order to meet up with the rest of the party an hour and a half after they had all arrived.

The crossing into Canada (properly, this time), was very smooth and relatively swift, and the vans set off independently to meet up again at the overnight stop in Oshawa. All of them managed arrive at the hotel within about five minutes of each other, despite a further four hours on the road and the tediously slow rush-hour drive around the edge of Toronto. After eating everyone took the opportunity to rest up before another earlyish start to press on to Ottawa - this time with a deadline, as we have a shoot in which to participate tomorrow afternoon...

Hello Canada, old friend. We have missed you.


Yesterday's answer: Matt Charlton managed to get into and out of Argentina undetected during the Falklands War. He was only little.

Q7: Which team member has a maple leaf shaped birthmark?